How to Summarize A YouTube Video [In 30 Seconds]

Youtube video summary demo by tubeonai

Imagine you’re scrolling through YouTube, and there’s a pile of videos staring back at you, each vying for your attention. 

Now, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get the gist of those videos without spending an eternity watching them? Enter the AI YouTube video summarizer. Your trusty sidekick for efficient content consumption.

In this article, we explain the step-by-step process of how to summarize a YouTube video. You will learn all the relevant details and compare the best options for generating the summaries. So, hang tight!

What Is A YouTube Summarizer?

Before summarizing a YouTube video, we should know what a YouTube summarizer is and why we should use it. 

A YouTube summarizer is an AI-powered tool that condenses lengthy YouTube videos into concise summaries. 

These summaries capture the key takeaways of a video. Thus, it becomes easier for viewers to grasp the main content without spending hours watching the videos.

As AI has surged in popularity recently, so have YouTube summarizers. Viewers seek more efficient ways to consume content and these tools have become a daily companion for them.

Why Should You Use AI Summarizers For YouTube?

According to Global media insight, YouTube witnesses an astonishing upload of more than 500 hours of video content every minute. 

Also, the platform’s user base collectively spends over 1 billion hours watching videos daily, which amounts to viewing around 5 billion videos.

This shows the alarming state of our content consumption and the need to make it smarter. YouTube summarizers make this task easy as they utilize the power of AI to fine-tune a huge content into bits that truly matter. 

Without any further ado, let’s go through the two key benefits of using a YouTube summarizer.

Increased Productivity

Sitting through lengthy videos isn’t always practical due to our busy lifestyles. AI summarizers cut through the noise and help you absorb crucial information in a fraction of the time. 

These AI tools ensure increased productivity in your daily life whether you’re a learner or a business professional.

productivity, time management

Better Comprehension

Even if you have the luxury of time, lengthy content can make the learning process tough. 

AI summarizers act as your personal deciphering tool. It breaks down complex concepts into digestible bits. They ensure that you not only save time but also understand the topics easily.

Now that we understand the benefits of YouTube summarizers, it’s finally time to test the waters ourselves. Let’s find out the effective ways to summarize a YouTube video.

Best Methods to Summarize A YouTube Video

As the number of AI tools increases every day, there are many ways you can summarize a YouTube video. However, we have tried the most popular options and can confidently say that these two methods are the only ones you will ever need. 

Method 1: Summarize YouTube Videos with ChatGPT

First, let’s start with the basics, or, should I say where it all started. Yes, I’m talking about the actual AI model that does the job of summarizing in the background. 

Most of the video summarizer tools that you see use GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 as the main powerhouses for the summaries. 

And what easier way to leverage the power of these AI models than through ChatGPT? In this section, we will discuss the process of using a free ChatGPT account to summarize YouTube videos for free. 

youtube transcript

1. Collect Youtube Transcript

First, you need to collect transcripts from YouTube to summarize videos. To generate transcripts easily, follow these steps: 

  • Visit the web page of the specific YouTube video you wish to summarize. 
  • In the video’s description section, find the text that says “Transcript.” 
  • Click on “Show Transcript,” and a sidebar will display the textual summary of the video along with timestamps. 
  • Copy the transcript and proceed to the ChatGPT website.
chatgpt dashboard

2. Access ChatGPT

Visit the ChatGPT website. To summarize the video, you will need at least a free ChatGPT account. Once you have one, you are ready to generate a summary.

search bar prompt

3. Generate the Summary

Paste the transcript that you copied earlier and type a simple prompt such as “Please analyze the above transcript and give me the summary.” 

This will generate a summary of the video. You can also customize the ChatGPT prompt to your liking to get personalized results.

TubeOnAI Youtube Summarizing process

Method 2: The Most Versatile Method

I will admit that using ChatGPT to summarize a YouTube video can become tedious quickly. Also, it does not offer any added benefit other than text summaries.

Well, if you are like me and want to experience the full potential of GPT-4, TubeOnAI is the ultimate option.

TubeOnAI Home page

How to Summarize YouTube Videos with TubeOnAI

Okay, you are convinced that you will go with the most versatile option. But how do you start?

Follow these three easy steps to get summaries of YouTube videos with TubeOnAI.

TubeOnAI web & mobile app login page

Step 1: Create A TubeOnAI Account

Sign up with your Google, Apple, or email account. The process is quick and the tool is accessible on multiple platforms including Android and iOS app stores.

Tubeonai interest section & Mobile app channel section

Step 2: Find Your Favorite Videos

Pick at least three interests. Follow some channels that you love. New video summaries will start appearing on your account automatically.

Moreover, after signing up, you get free access to widely popular summaries on your account. This is amazing to keep up with the ongoing trends in the internet world.

TubeOnAI Dashboard (web version & Mobile App)

Step 3: Enjoy The Summaries

Read or listen to the summaries whenever you want. You also have the option to share those summaries with family and friends.

TubeOnAI gives you a generous free plan that lets you generate 3 hours of YouTube summary. But with the paid plan, you can generate unlimited video summaries and instant updates from your favorite creators.

Why Should You Choose TubeOnAI?

The unique benefits of TubeOnAI go beyond the generic features of other YouTube summary generators out there.

Some of those features include natural audio playback, auto download, and notifications for subscribed channels as well as the ability to play the original YouTube video right in the app. These added advantages make it one of the best AI summary generators for YouTube.

TubeOnAI summary page output

1. Fast & Accurate Summary

Summarizing YouTube videos with AI should be straightforward. TubeOnAI understands this. That’s why it lets you generate accurate transcripts of YouTube videos in just 30 seconds.

TubeOnAI provides the key points of a lengthy video in bullet points that are easy to understand. Also, it gives definitions for all the important keywords for your better understanding.

Audio Play Feature

2. Natural Audio Playback

If you are not fond of reading, I understand completely. Lucky for you, TubeOnAI not only summarizes YouTube video transcripts but also generates audio playback in a natural voice. So, now you can relax and listen to your favorite creator easily.

For example, just this morning, I was listening to Marques Brownlee (popularly known as MKBHD) talk about Apple Vision Pro. It took me only 3.5 minutes to get the whole idea, while the actual video was around 25 minutes!

3. Notifications For Subscribed Channel

You can build a personal content library with the help of TubeOnAI. Let’s say you like Mr. Beast’s videos (well, who doesn’t?) and do not want to miss his unique adventures.

TubeOnAI’s scheduled notification feature makes that possible.

You will get instant notification whenever your favorite artist publishes a video. You may also choose to schedule the notifications as you see fit.

4. Multi-Device Support

No matter what platform you are on, TubeOnAI makes AI summarization accessible to everyone.

You can choose to use the tool on your browser as a web app or on your smartphone as an Android or iOS app.

Closing Words

Hopefully, now you know everything about how to summarize a YouTube video. With helpful tools such as ChatGPT and TubeOnAI, you can generate summaries almost instantly. Feel free to refer back to your article if you are ever in doubt about this topic.