We want to ensure that you are fully informed about our past achievements and our plans for the future. Therefore, we are sharing our roadmap with you, which outlines the progress we’ve made and our strategies moving forward to better serve our customers.
  • Your Research Companion (B2B)

    Extending the summarization capabilities to make TubeOnAI a full-fledged research companion. Features will include generating background summary, bulk summary, and recap on a specific topic. Create different buckets to organize your research. Tag the summaries and many more.

  • Share any podcast link

    We're working hard on a game-changing feature that will allow you to summarize podcast episodes from any platform, like Apple Podcasts. You'll be able to listen to a wider variety of podcasts from different platforms and save time by summarizing them.

  • Share your collection

    While you summarize videos, your collection will get stacked up in a dedicated section, basically becoming your own personal choice content library. You will be able to share the library with your friends, colleagues, or relatives in a more convenient way.

  • Connect To Youtube

    This feature lets you connect directly to all your favorite content creators with a single click. No more searching and subscribing – enjoy automatic summaries on the go!

  • Improved Mobile App Experience

    We are working on improving the mobile app experience. Expect better summary playback with the help of enhanced real-time summary and optimized speed.

  • Dynamic Interlinking

    Automatically interlinks the content with the most relevant anchor text for all top summaries.

  • Better Summary Output

    We're constantly refining our prompts to deliver even better summaries based on video categories and concepts. While we already surpass other summary apps in quality, we believe there's always room for improvement.

  • Summary Playlist

    Never lose track of your summaries again. Access your entire collection in one convenient location. Save hours searching and organizing!

  • Mobile app launched for iOS & Android

    First ever summay app is finally here on iOS and Android! You can download it from the App Store and Play Store.

  • Podcast Summarization

    Search and Summarize any podcast episode. Get instant notifications and enjoy the summary of your favorite podcasters while listening on the go.

  • Multi-Language Support

    Now you can translate your summary into your own language. We've added 23+ major languages, so people worldwide can enjoy summaries without any language barriers.

  • Follow Youtube Channel

    Users can follow a YouTube channel to get notifications and summaries for new videos.

  • Playlist & Background summary play

    Users can add a summary to the queue to play next while a summary is being played. Also, you can play a summary in the background while doing other tasks on the web and mobile apps.

  • Article, DOC & PDF Summary

    Now you can summarize web articles, PDFs, and DOC files. Simply share any public URL in our search bar, and our system will summarize the entire document for you.

  • AI Content Library & Custom Prompt

    Transform your videos or text into captivating content. Save your favorite custom prompts – the possibilities are limitless! While our AI content library is currently modest, it will steadily grow.

  • Summarizing Lengthy Content

    Better algorithm to summarize long-form content such as lengthy videos spanning 4 to 10 hours. The main goal is to be able to capture key insights from the content without compromising any essential details.

  • Ask Follow Up Questions

    Go deep into a specific topic or grasp key points in seconds with our new Ask Follow-Up Feature (Magic Chat).

  • Push Notification (Chrome, Mobile And Email)

    Based on user settings and preferences, we will send push notifications for new summaries.

  • Upload Media & Documents

    In addition to public URLs, you can now upload videos (lectures, meeting recordings, webinars) and PDFs (academic papers, books).

  • Embed, Webhook support & API System

    Embed the summary, and get real-time updates for new content via webhooks. Integrate TubeOnAI's API with workflow for enhanced productivity and content curation.


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